While the manga is exciting and picked up where the film dragon ball super. Raditz goku patching things up like defeating a common enemy or something like that.

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Dragon ball super new movie 2020. King vegetas wifevegeta tarbles mom the saiyan queen. Watch the video new dragon ball super movie in 2020 confirmed from category 15 watch all new movies game trailers. Dragon zdbz dragon ball zdragon ball z dvddragon ball super gokudragon ball supergoku and vegeta lose god kidragon ball superdragon ball super mangadragon ball super theorydbs mangagoku.

I have got some new information about the dragon ball super movie 2 official confirmation. In the japanese dvd set for dragon ball super broly there is an interview with staff where they discuss the next movie. So basically what happened is the japanese dvd version of dragon ball super they had this interview.

So today we will be talking about them in this post. Goku finally learning seeing his parents bardock gine. Broly left sadly fans are still looking forward to the animated version of the popular series.

If there is a new dragon ball super movie coming soon then id like to see certain things. By gregory warmington june 4 2019 1130 pm hello guys we have some exciting news dragon ball super fans there is 100 confirmation of a new dragon ball super 2020 movie coming. According to some released interview with akio iyoku they are in a very early planning stage for a new dragon ball super movie after dragon ball super.

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